25 March 2008

uninspired design...

In Tesco the other day, I spotted the shelves full of those 'neglected child-books'. You know those stories about kids who were (sexually) abused in their childhood and have somehow survived to come out the other end a better person. Tearjerkers as tey were called on the Tesco sign.

It seems that books like that all have the same cover design; a slightly blurry picture of a small child, preferably looking scared or hiding in a corner, white background and the title written in some handwriting-like font.

obviously the first book in the genre was a best seller and now they all want to be somehow linked to that book and so they make them all look the same. Saves us having to read the back of the book. Just by looking at the front, we know exactly what kind of book it is.

Butt-ugly, uninspired and unimaginative. Yegh.

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