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And All Because The Lady Loves

08 April 2008

Yay! Found after having been lost for a long time: And All Because The Lady Loves. They were one of my favourite bands in the 90s. Only made a handful of albums, completely obscure. Listen to samples of their music here. There is in fact a rather lengthy biography of And All Because The lady Loves on the BBC website H2G2.

I first saw them as a support act for a Beverley Craven concert I went to in Den Haag, about 100 years ago. I thought they were fabulous. Two women with a bass and a guitar. And two fabulous voices. They rocked. I enjoyed their show more than I enjoyed Beverley Craven. The combination of the two acts was rather weird actually. I think I became their most loyal Dutch fan. I have been to every show they played in Holland. OK, that was only a hand full of shows but still. One day they were playing a radio show in the place where I loved and me and a whole bunch of friends went to see them play. We chatted with them for a bit and they promised us tickets if we came to their gig that night. The gig was about 40km away and none of us had a car. So in the end, we found people happy to drive us there and back and we piled in to two cars, off to Zoetermeer.

We had a great night, especially since my group of friends were just about the only people there. Just as well we came with about 10 of us. They were opening for some unknown band and after their set, I chatted with Rachel & Nicky, the two band members, and made an arse of myself by trying to play one of their songs in their OWN dressing room... GOD I was so stupid and star struck.

They were way cool. And now I found their MySpace page. Still embryonic but one can only hope their internet presence grows so I can send my friends links to their songs.


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