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I am calm now...

21 April 2008

Now that I have calmed down, I realise I should just look back at yesterday and be proud of what we did. We were GREAT. It would be wonderful (and exhausting) to play at that level every week but it will have to wait for another year. We went to Loughborough with a coach load full of supporters (they even brought pickled onions, quiche, mulled wine and samosas!).

We gave it all we had. For everything that we did wrong, we did some other stuff better than ever before. The Loughborough try came straight after one of our players had to go off injured after she was screaming in pain. I am sure we were distracted by that as they scored within a minute of play resuming. Luckily, our player is OK now, (just keep taking the morphine Sarah!) which is of course much more important.

Oh, and a thank you to our supporters. They were fabulous. And loud. And wonderful to have around.

I feel pleased that, apparently, this year I have managed to play at the higher level without making an absolute arse of myself. My tactical decisions were not always very good, my scrummaging needs some serious strength work and and my tackling is still rubbish, but all in all, I think I did quite well in a team that is certainly of a higher standard than the one I used to play for.


Anonymous said...

Well done you. But what did you do well this year? You are good about pointing out the things that you need to work on, but you haven't looked at the things that you did well (in detail).

JD x

Dutchcloggie said...

Erhm...things I did well...
I did well in not letting the opposition relax around the rucks and a few times I came through the middle of the ruck and pushed them off the ball or at least seriously unsettled them. otherwise....erhm....I think I am pretty average (as in: not worse than the others on the pitch) which I think is rather good. Oh, and I think my handling, when I get the ball, is quite OK. I rarely drop a ball.

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