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Olney Ladies (do not) win the league!

20 April 2008

Darn. My rugby team has gone through the season undefeated. Today was the final match of the season against our league rivals Loughborough. We were under the impression we only needed 1 point from the match so even when we lost 5-0, I was under the impression we had still won the league. As it turns out, I was wrong. Because we were not informed of certain points being removed from various teams in the league and some matches being deleted from the results (due to not all teams playing all their matches, it is not fair if one team gets the chance to rack up a massive score and get bonus points whilst another team simply gets the points when the opposition cancels the match. This means they do not get the chance to get a bonus point. This makes the competition unfair. I understand all that.)

I have no real issue with us not winning the league, although I am desperately sad about it as we came so close and the match yesterday was fantastic and, with 5 minutes of play to go, it was looking like a draw, which would have given us the championship.

My main anger lies with the fact that the opposition was aware of the points deduction that still needed to be applied. They knew exactly what they needed to do to win the league. We did not. The coaches thought 1 point was enough. And since you get a bonus point for losing but staying within 15 points of the winner, a 5-0 loss would still mean a league win for us. And so, after the opponents scored their try with 5 minutes to go, we were instructed to slow the game down and not run like mad, hoping to score our own try. So we kicked the ball out of play, wasted time, thinking we were OK, even if we lost.

Surely the league organisers should have made sure both teams were fully aware of the situation before such an important match? it is a league decider for God's sake. Can you imagine this happening in the professional game, that neither team knows who has actually won and that the officials say: I need to re-calculate all the scores this season and I will let you know by the end of Monday who has actually won the league?

Surely someone should have done this BEFORE the match and informed both team captains of any changes and points deductions that still needed to be applied?

Oh well, there is always next year I guess... I am now going to hide under a blanket on the sofa and cry silently about what could have been. last year I won the league with my old team, Old Leamingtonians so it would have been cool to win the next league up with my new team.


Anonymous said...

Surely the onus is on your team to find out - or do you expect every team to be rung up with information that is important to them?!

Your blog reads really well, you are plainly intelligent - do bus drivers ring up to tell you they are late? The onus is on your team to find out, just as your opposition managed to.

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