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Thomas Beatie: A pregnant man?

04 April 2008

Right. Thomas Beatie claims he is pregnant. He used to be a woman. Then he took hormones, had his breasts removed and somehow that was enough to convince the authorities to change his gender/sex (what IS the difference between the two?). So now he is a man. And officially married. But he still has a womb. So when his wife could not get pregnant, Thomas remembered he was still half a woman and stopped his steroid injections. Now he is pregnant.

Apart from the ridiculousness of this whole story and the obvious hoax that it is, people are getting quite excited about this. Especially since Thomas appeared on the Oprah show. I believe it does great harm to the transgender/transsexual (what IS the difference between the two?) community as the publicity is simply bad. Thomas wanted to keep his female bits because he might one day want to get pregnant. Right. Sounds like he REALLY wanted to be a man. Not.

What are the legal criteria to change your gender/sex (what IS the difference between the two?)? Surely having fully functioning reproductive organs means you can not legally change sex/gender (what IS the difference between the two?). Also, steroids do a lot of damage to your hormones. He stopped taking them to ensure his woman-y bits started working again. Really? So he got a period? Nice. How much damage will the baby have if the 'mother' is full of steroid hormones?

Much debating going on on the web. I think the whole thing is fake. if it is NOT fake, I think the whole thing is dangerous and extremely selfish and the couple should have their head examined and their kids taken away from them. As a lesbian, I am supposed to stand shoulder to shoulder with other sexual minorities? really? I don't think so. We have our own battles to fight. And so I'll happily say it is ridiculous. if you want to be a man, then the consequences are that you can not have a child from your own womb. If you are not ready too accept that, then you are clearly not ready to become a man.

One of the funniest comments I saw on the web was this one on Guanabee.com:

He is not a she. Just because he is pregnant that doesn’t make him a female. That’s whats wrong with the world today, closed minded people!

OK. Re-cap. being pregnant does not make you a female and thinking that is the way it kind of really should be is an example of what is wrong with the world...


Meep said...

I'm by no means an expert, but I think the difference between gender and sex is that 'gender' refers to your social/cultural role as a man or woman (which of course in reality is not strictly as dichotomous as that), and 'sex' refers to your biological sex. As long as your passport says you're a man, in the eyes of the law you are, no matter what you look like, feel like and have done to change that.

I have no idea about the difference between transgender and transsexual: if you happen to find out, I would be very interested to know!

I haven't followed the story closely enough to allow myself an opinion, I just find it distasteful that most of the headlines emphasise the freak character of the story - a pregnant man, isn't that something to gape at!

Dutchcloggie said...

Erhm....well, a pregnant man IS something to gape at because it is 'unnatural' if not unusual and still scientifically impossible, unless you are transsexual/transgender.

Following your explanation of the difference between the two, a transsexual has got the physical sex change done but a transgendered person may act and live like the opposite sex but not have the surgery. Hence it makes me feel this Thomas is actually transgendered rather than transsexual.

Each to their own I say but I am not happy at all with the way they have approached the media themselves and how they present themselves to the world. They should realise it is far too sensitive for the gung-ho approach.

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