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Brigitte Kaandorp in England

13 June 2008

When I was young, I was 'a fan' of Brigitte Kaandorp, a Dutch comedian. Her style is not dissimilar to Eddie Izzard in the sense that it looks like she is just talking random stuff, jumping from one spontaneous thought to the the next when in fact it is all carefully scripted. Her image is one of slightly clumsy, endearing and unexpectedly funny. Her strength is in taking an every day situation and looking at it in such detail that the audience can really recognize themselves in it and laugh at themselves.

I used to imitate her and sing her songs at parties & memorize entire shows and recount them to amuse others. Apparently talk just like her and sometimes when I was babbling too much, people would say: "Hey Brigitte, that's enough now."

What's this got to do with England? Well, in the office, being a design agency and thus all cool and trendy, most people work with their headphones on, listening to music on their computer. We can also control the music on the office stereo by logging on to the network and playing music from our computer on the stereo. Every once so often, we do a little round robin with a theme. Yesterday, everyone was to play the one song they have played the most on their computer in the past week, be it on the stereo or on their headphones. I had just recently downloaded a song by Brigitte Kaandorp and that was my most played tune. So when my turn came to play my Most Played Song, I played "Het komt allemaal wel weer goed" (see video below). And to my amazement, one of the guys said: are you sure that is not you singing. She sounds just like you.

Wow. I never speak Dutch in the office, they don't speak Dutch and yet they can hear, when somebody is singing, that her voice sounds a lot like mine. Maybe it really is true then...


minispace said...

Ga haar zien op 13 januari vanaf rij 2. Zal dan wel checken of ze het echt is of dat ik hier te maken heb met een zekere expat ...

(speciaal voor jouw collega's geschreven in het Nederlands)

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