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06 June 2008

is it childish to get really angry with work mates who leave mess in the kitchen in the office? It is my job to keep the office tidy but please, we are all adults, right? How hard is it to wash your mug instead of putting it in the sink and say 'oh, I was going to do that later' (and then not do it of course). One of them even said to me that it irritated them how much I go on about it and then sat down, instead of actually putting his stuff away.
And so today, as a punishment for leaving dishes in the sink etc, the kitchen is out of bounds for everyone. Not my decision but the director's. But who gets the looks and discussions about how unfair this is on those who do clean their stuff? Me of course. Because I am the snitch, the teacher's pet, the one who runs to the boss to tell on the naughty people.

Well I am done with that. Fuck them. If I wanted children I would get pregnant, not take a job in an office.
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