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I am a nurse, you dozy bitch!

29 June 2008

I always laugh when people try to get what they want by using the equivalent of "Do you know who I am??!!" I always feel that only the most desperate losers say that when nobody wants to pay attention to them or when they have a genuine inferiority complex.

Yesterday JD and I were crossing the road and suddenly a car turned the corner, right in to my path, without indicating. I could have stopped but since the driver was in the wrong, I kept on walking and she had to stop to avoid running me over. I pointed at the front of her car, smiled and said, in my nicest voice: "Use your indicator next time please."

Next thing I knew, the car window came down and the driver leaned towards me, shouting: "I am a nurse you dozy bitch!" I smiled at her and said, once again in my friendliest voice, dripping with that kind of niceness that makes people's blood boil: "That doesn't mean you do not have to use your indicator when you turn a corner. Have a nice day now, bye." She ranted on some more, and then nearly ran in to JD who had started to cross the road as well, since the nurse was spending her time shouting at me. She then shouted "Fucking Lesbian" at JD who, remember, was not involved in the incident at all, and drove off.

Why did she get so angry, and more intriguingly, why did she say: "I am a nurse you know!". Was that the best she could come up with? Is ther some law in England that exempts nurses from having to use their indicators when they turn corners?

JD & I had a nice afternoon laughing about it all, making up excuses as to why the Nice nurse got so angry. Glad I am not her patient!


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