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River Song and other weekend pleasures

08 June 2008

In days long gone, I was as good as addicted to medical drama ER. Of course it was mainly for the great storylines, not for any of the rather good looking women on the show (Maura Tierney, Elizabeth Mitchell). One of my favorites back then was uncerimoniously sacked for being too old: Alex Kingston. How little do producers know about what is too old or not attractive enough!!

This weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Alex Kingston again in Doctor Who, playing River Song, a mysterious scientist who may or may not be married to The Doctor in the future. And of course she still looks totally hot. Maybe it is the curly hair (see Elizabeth Mitchell) or perhaps the red hair, but Alex looks great, waving her Sonic Screwdriver around! You go girl.

JD and I booked our ferry to France for our holiday in September. Yay! Looking forward to it already. On Saturday morning, I took a few moments to think of what could have been if Hillary Clinton had managed to win the Democratic nomination. Her 'farewell speech' was dead on. From now on, it will not be remarkable to think of a woman as presidential nominee and that is truly remarkable. Please, let the USA elect Obama in November!


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