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The road is not for pedestrians

09 July 2008

A cyclist killed a girl and gets a £2,000 fine for dangerous cycling. Parents of the girl are angry and want him brought up on manslaughter charges.

The situation:

The girl was crossing the road with a group of friends. The cyclist was coming towards the group and shouted at them to get out of the way 'as he was not going to stop'.

the cyclist stayed on a "straight course" towards the group because he had thought he could get through a gap he saw between Rhiannon and her friends.

However, it seems Rhiannon moved in to the gap at the last second and was struck by the bike.

It was unclear in court as to whether she was still in the road or on the pavement when the collision happened.

"We think Rhiannon was probably a few inches, or a foot, in to the road and then she moved towards the pavement," said Sgt Mahon.

Of course he is an arsehole for not swerving at the last moment and hitting the girl but erhm...the group was crossing the road. Right? ROAD = for moving traffic. Pavement = for pedestrians. When walking on the road you must make sure you are not hindering traffic on that road. Right?

So just because he is an arsehole surely does not mean it was manslaughter? IF the girl was on the road when he hit her, surely it was HER responsibility to get out of the way? Not his?


Sam said...

I agree with the girl's parents. Pedestrians shouldn't hinder traffic. That might warrant a jay-walking ticket, but not being plowed down, intentionally (as his warning shout suggests), by a guy on a bike.

As an aside, in the U.S., the argument over who owns the roads is bit different. There are plenty of car drivers who think bicyclists have no place on the roads.

Dutchcloggie said...

Well, I agree to a certain extend. In a country where people are not used to bikes, it is best if they are kept separate but obviously not on a footpath. remember, before cars, there were only pedestrians and bikes. So why should the road be only for cars? Make separate paths for bikes and all is well. in Holland, we all live side by side without much trouble: busy roads have separate cycle paths, bikes have their own traffic lights and on residential streets and small roads, cars are completely used to bikes and, as long as everyone sticks to the rules, there should not be any problem at all.

Unfortunately, many car drivers ignore bikes so the cyclists are almost forced to assert themselves on the road because it seems really difficult for cars NOT to hit a bike, even when the bike is sticking to all the rules.

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