28 August 2008

Alison Moyet

So the site is now live and I can tell you I have been involved, from a technical pespective, in creating a new website for Alison Moyet. Lovely singer. Website was lots of work but well worth it. I know, it is nothing flashy or fantastically design-y but it serves its purpose.

Have a look at Alisonmoyet.com

22 August 2008


Not sure I can tell you yet so I won't mention any names but I am very excited lately. I am working on a new official website for one of my favourite singers. Yay. I am happy to do something back for the pleasure her music has given me so far. Hopefully the site will go live on Tuesday next week so I can tell you who it is for by then as well. I am going to London tomorrow to work on it with a nice guy who invited me to help out.

It is a common misconception that all musicians with records in the shops have plenty of money to throw around, so right now, it is a labour of love (read: I don't get paid) but it is well worth it.

The down side is that I am spending too much time on it when I really should be working. I compensate by not taking a lunch break but I still feel a bit guilty, especially since I have been told not to spend so much time on 'personal projects' in work time.

Oops. So, all the more important to get this project finished asap!

15 August 2008

V festival 2008

3 days camping at the V Festival in Staffordshire. A simple burger costs £5 so we won't be spending a lot of money on food here. Dinner tonight is 3 cans of stew. Yes, we will be having loads of cheap food and good music. Well, I hope this music is good and that the rain will not be too much.But since this is a music festival, I fear it will come down in buckets at some point.

13 August 2008

Now with pictures

I have added a little picture box on the right side. Now you can see some of the most recent pictures I took. You know, to keep you updated about my terribly interesting life. *cough*

07 August 2008

The Times in action...again!

"Gay Sex as good as marriage" says Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, according to the headline in The Times today.
Well, actually, that is NOT what he says but the real quote is of course much more boring. What he actually says, and this is the headline on The Times' website: "Gay relationships are comparable to marriage".

Of course a paper has to sell copies and so the printed headline will make many more people stop and look at the paper and perhaps even buy it.

But as a gay woman, even I would say that 'gay sex' is definitely NOT the same as marriage. Just like 'straight sex' is not as good as marriage. Because sex is not as good as marriage. They are two separate things.

And for The Times to suggest that somehow gay people equate their sex life with the kind of long term commitment that marriage is seriously harming the fight for equality. Headlines like these make it look like that is what gays are after: That having gay sex gives them the right to all kinds of benefits that married couples have.

Bloody right-wing bastards at The Times! Grrr. Makes me really angry.

06 August 2008

I am off to see a play!

I am feeling very cultured right now because JD & I have just booked tickets to go to London and see a play from the National Theatre. I have never been to a play in London and I can not remember the last time I went to any kind of play at all. In fact, it may well be that I have in fact never been to a 'real' play.

Anyway, I am looking forward to it enormously. It is the matinee showing this Saturday in the Oliver. The play is called "Her Naked Skin" by Rebecca Lenkiewicz and it is about some women during the time of the Suffragettes, at the start of the 20th century. I read a review in The Guardian on Saturday and we decided we would go. So there.

Spend a morning in London, see the play then go for some (cheap) food in town. Lovely.

I can't wait.

04 August 2008

New living room

Every once so often, I feel like moving all the furniture around the living room, to see if I can make it look bigger. Or just because I have not taken my Ritalin and feel restless. I might move one piece of furniture and then another and then you just can not stop moving things around and before you know it the whole room is in a mess with books and cupboards everywhere. A panic fills my head as I lost control of what I am doing and JD has to come and calm me down before I have a major panic attack or an attack of guilt.

Here is the result of Sunday's activity. (click on picture for larger version) I think it makes the room look smaller but more cosy...I like it. Not sure about the dining table though.