22 August 2008


Not sure I can tell you yet so I won't mention any names but I am very excited lately. I am working on a new official website for one of my favourite singers. Yay. I am happy to do something back for the pleasure her music has given me so far. Hopefully the site will go live on Tuesday next week so I can tell you who it is for by then as well. I am going to London tomorrow to work on it with a nice guy who invited me to help out.

It is a common misconception that all musicians with records in the shops have plenty of money to throw around, so right now, it is a labour of love (read: I don't get paid) but it is well worth it.

The down side is that I am spending too much time on it when I really should be working. I compensate by not taking a lunch break but I still feel a bit guilty, especially since I have been told not to spend so much time on 'personal projects' in work time.

Oops. So, all the more important to get this project finished asap!

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