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New living room

04 August 2008

Every once so often, I feel like moving all the furniture around the living room, to see if I can make it look bigger. Or just because I have not taken my Ritalin and feel restless. I might move one piece of furniture and then another and then you just can not stop moving things around and before you know it the whole room is in a mess with books and cupboards everywhere. A panic fills my head as I lost control of what I am doing and JD has to come and calm me down before I have a major panic attack or an attack of guilt.

Here is the result of Sunday's activity. (click on picture for larger version) I think it makes the room look smaller but more cosy...I like it. Not sure about the dining table though.


Sam said...

It does look cozy! I'd be freaked out, though, by how easy it is to see in the windows across the street! :o

minispace said...

Er. Is it me, or does that couch look very suspect? Either she's very heavy, or the thing is busted ;)

Dutchcloggie said...

Neither of the two. It is just an unfortunate bit of lighting in the picture. My wife is not heavy. She's perfect!

Anonymous said...

Correct answer dutchcloggie!


Anonymous said...

Je zithoek ziet er gezelliger uit door de betere licht inval.
Aan de eettafel zitten jullie toch niet zo veel? Ria

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