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The Times in action...again!

07 August 2008

"Gay Sex as good as marriage" says Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, according to the headline in The Times today.
Well, actually, that is NOT what he says but the real quote is of course much more boring. What he actually says, and this is the headline on The Times' website: "Gay relationships are comparable to marriage".

Of course a paper has to sell copies and so the printed headline will make many more people stop and look at the paper and perhaps even buy it.

But as a gay woman, even I would say that 'gay sex' is definitely NOT the same as marriage. Just like 'straight sex' is not as good as marriage. Because sex is not as good as marriage. They are two separate things.

And for The Times to suggest that somehow gay people equate their sex life with the kind of long term commitment that marriage is seriously harming the fight for equality. Headlines like these make it look like that is what gays are after: That having gay sex gives them the right to all kinds of benefits that married couples have.

Bloody right-wing bastards at The Times! Grrr. Makes me really angry.


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