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Blow Wind Blow

14 November 2008

Earlier this week, a big storm was raging over Northampton. Normally I love storms but not this time. You see, this time, it turns out one of the windows wasn't closed properly and when the wind yanked it open at 1.34am, I thought the wind had actually blown the window off completely! The noise it made was terrible! The blinds wee blowing, stuff fell off the windowsill (but luckily not the vase with roses!). I jumped out of bed, thinking a disaster had happened!

That'll teach JD to close windows properly next time!


Anonymous said...

Why do you assume it is my fault?

Dutchcloggie said...

Erhm...because I NEVER NEVER NEVER close a window without locking it. And unfortunately we both know you do sometimes. Hence my powers of deduction lead me to only one conclusion. Sorry.

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