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A little less scared

06 November 2008

I just spoke to the 'Cancer Nurse' from the hospital about JD having to see the oncologist. (I lied and said I WAS JD or else they wouldn't speak to me. I am so naughty:-) He had her file in front of him and said: "You only have to see the oncologist because the PET scan was ordered through his office. It does not indicate any kind of treatment is required. it may be but, looking at her files, the PET showed it is still a low-grade glioma with very little growth. Chances are he only wants to discuss possible treatment options for the future and check you with more frequent PET scans than has so far been the case. That is good news"

Wow. I guess that is good news indeed. Can someone please tell the hospital that just sending appointments to see Oncologists is really scary if you don't know why you are supposed to be seeing an oncologist?????

Anyway, long live the Cancer Backup nurse! Feeling a lot less scared about the appointment now.


Sam said...

That's awesome, Cloggie! Great to hear things are better than anticipated!

Nancy said...

Ik ben een poosje niet geweest en ik schrik van de nare berichten. Hopelijk valt het allemaal mee. Ik leef met jullie mee en ik hoop dat alles veel minder erg blijkt te zijn. Hou goede moed! Lieve groetjes van Nancy( Oud-studiegenoot)

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