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Back from first radiation treatment

05 January 2009

Just had my first radiation treatment today. It took a while to check everything but in the end it was quick and painless. It will be quicker tomorrow. Odd having the nurses say "see you tomorrow" and I was like "oh yeah great" because I forgot it was the beginning of a six week slog. They're lovely people but I don't like being there.

There are limitations to what I can and can't do which irritates me no end. I have had a few mini-seizure things due to the steroids which means no driving. I should surrender my driving licence but I really don't want to because getting it back from the DVLA will be a nightmare. I do need a lift to hospital every day but I do go to the gym on my own a lot so being on my own on public transport isn't really the issue. If I fall over or have a seizure on my way to be zapped I may get taken to hospital (the wrong hospital) and miss my appointment which would be BAD. My house is opposite a hospital which is not the right one. Don't ask me why I can't be treated 100m from my front door...

My Dad had radiotherapy for salivary cancer and he went very green and crusty all over his face which was absolutely revolting. I'm happy that I shouldn't go green and crusty according to the nurse. I may lose some hair, but that will be ok because it is only hair and I already have some bald spots from my surgery where I picked the scabs (bad JD - no biscuit). I'm concerned about losing some of my eyebrows but I've already roped in a friend skilled in the art of makeup to help me to not look so weird. Dutchcloggie wants to draw them in with a felt tip but she's definitely not allowed. Hopefully no monobrow for me!

I'll check in later.



Julie said...

Good to read your voice - duh!!

Don't surrender the licence - just put it in a jar in the cupboard. Surrendering things does your head in ...

Don't think about crusty green faces ... think about snowboarding da da da da ...

You're a smart lass ... the odds are your way ... work them out ...

Kristel said...

Good luck to you these coming weeks. I hope you won't feel to bad.

Stick to the friend! I know from experience that Dutchcloggie is not very good at drawing straight lines!

Big hug from Simo, Bob and me

Nancy said...

Hai Jd, i hope that the time will go very soon and that you dont have a lot of pain.
We will be here to make sure that you are okay. Take care and good luck!
Greetings from Nancy

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