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There goes the hair...

22 January 2009

And just like that, from one day to the next, the hair started to come out. JD has been pulling at it for a few days, wondering when she would start losing it. But nothing. And then suddenly last night she grabbed some hair and it just came off. Needless to say we spent the rest of the evening plucking at the hair until nothing more would come out. So far it is only in a single spot, where one of the beams goes in. it is the size of a 50p coin. I am sure over the next few days, more hair will start to fall out in the other 5 places where the beams hit her head (3 beams in total and she'll lose hair both where the beam goes in and where it comes out again).

I don't think we are too upset (yet). We were expecting this to happen any time now so now we can just get on with it. I shall just have to give her extra kisses on her bold patches ot protect them from evil!


nancy said...

It is a bad side-effect, but if you look at it from the bright side:
1. It is only hair, and hair has the tendency to grow back.
2. It will help to reduce your headaches etc.
In a month or so, you will have your hair back. Don't worry about that, just focus on your treatment.
Greetings from Nancy

Dutchcloggie said...

Unfortunately for JD it is not that easy. As she is on a relatively high doses of radiation, the hair may not grow back at all or it may grow back thin and wispy. If it grows back, it won't be until about 4-6 weeks after treatment finishes (which is not for another 3 weeks).

But JD is not really in to wigs (which you can get for free on the National Health Service here!) so scarfs and hats are the new fashion.

Julie said...

Good for JD! I don't think wigs would be my style neither. But a beanie ... with a pom pom ... now yer talking!

A kiss on the bald spot - not to ward off evil but to add nourishment. Sounds good!

Dutchcloggie said...

The thing with wigs is that for most people, it is only something they need when they first start losing the hair. Then after a few weeks, they stop wearing the thing at home, then they realise they can stop wearing it at work because everyone knows it is a wig anyway (which then defeats the purpose of fake hair...) and then the last step is knowing that you can just wear a hat or scarf if you really want to hide it.

The difference with chemo baldness is that it is all over the head but with RT it is only where the beam hits so you may end up with thick brown hair on one part of your head and thin blond hair on the bald spots.... I think that is more of a worry than the actual baldness.

Julie said...

Okay ... I did not realise the difference between the two. Many modern hair styles border on that now! JDs no bullshit character will cope with that.

Nancy said...

O, sorry i didnt know that. I do hope that she will get her hair back and that what you wrote won't come true.
Good luck with the next sessen. Greetings from Nancy

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