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Not In My Back Yard!

23 February 2009

See here the plans to build an electricity sub-station about 10 metres from my bedroom window. That is the final fucking straw. the site used to be a school but iis now being turned in to a Mental Hospital. No problem with that. It only got annoying when they started to patrol the site with dogs at night. The dogs bark at anything that moves. Not just intruders but also rabbits, foxes and moving tree branches and shadows. As a result of that, I now wake up at least 3 times every night.

And now they want to build the fucking electricity sub-station right underneath my window. Why there? I don't know but on the other side of the plot of land is a huge vast empty space and that site is next to an office block. So why not build it where it does not bother anyone? Could it be because that is next to a Council office? I don't know.

I am going to object to the plans but somehow I feel the decision has already been made. I mean, they would not start to build an entire new hospital without having sorted out electricity supply for it first so what is the point....

I will be moving soon I think. Fuck. I like where I live now.


Julie said...

Hah! Marieke's a NIMBY!!

I am confused: if they are building a sub-station what happened to the Mental Hospital? And what is wrong with a s/s: just a constant hummmmmm. Can't be as chronic as these fckn H/As!!

Ballet? Go on: dare you!

Dutchcloggie said...

The substation will only be a small one, not a huge one with overhead powerlines and what have you.

However, it will have 24/7 daylight-strength spotlights and constant humming going on. Basically, the Mental Hospital needs more power than the regular grid provides so they get their own mini sub-station in a corner on the site.

I just fail to see why it is planned in the ONLY corner that borders flats. There are 3 other, empty, corners on the land that have no residential properties near the sub-station. I would like ot know the reasoning behind picking the particular location.

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