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20 April 2009

JD and I had a lovely weekend. On Friday we went to our friend's house for dinner and a sleep over. JD managed to stay awake in some form until about 00.15am! Yes, amazing. Definite proof that TV sends you to sleep as we had been chatting without TV on all night.

On Saturday we baked bread and watched some rugby whilst I went on an epic shopping trip to the supermarket.

Then on Sunday we went to The Gadget Show Live in the NEC in Birmingham. It was good fun although I did not get to see as much of it as I had hoped. JD was bored so we did not walk around much :-( She bought herself a pair of MBT anti-shoes though.

The best part was getting in to the Special Theatre to see the presenters of The Gadget Show do a live version of the show. Tickets for that were sold out weeks ago but they were selling off tickets of people who had not showed up. They were £4 each but we had no cash :-( So I asked the doorman nicely and he said no. I then asked him nicely again and pointed at JD. I said: Please, sir, can we please go in? My partner has had a really shitty time recently and this is the first time we are on a day out since I don't know how long. The man looked at JD's hairless head and the scar, thought for a minute and said: ooo...OK then, in you go!


That bloody tumour gives us enough trouble as it is so I reckon we deserve some special treatment because of it. So far, we have gotten free tickets, ,free hotel room upgrade and a few bucks off JD's shoes by subtly mentioning how hard things have been for JD lately (which they have) and how tight money is because of it (which it is, kind off).

I don't feel bad about it though!


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