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The Jodie Foster Room

11 April 2009

JD and I are away this weekend and we booked a room at The Buckingham Hotel in Buxton. This hotel, as per my previous post, has a rather odd website and that kind of made us want to book here. To start off, it has a picture of Basil Fawlty in the reception area. A good sign I say. The hotel is completely covered in pictures of Hollywood stars. When we entered our room, it turnd out we have been put in the Jodie Foster room. Is that a coincidence, that they put 2 lesbians in the Jodie Foster room? I dare say it is not.

I asked the receptionist and she said: No, probably done on purpose by the hotel owner who has funny quirks like that. Hey, I don't mind. The room is huge with a massive walk-in bathroom, a bidet (ooooo....posh) and a wonderful bath that we shall just HAVE to use. I have never been in a place this posh! And free wireless internet connection to boot.

JD is having a sleep on the luxurious bed next to me. I am going for a little walk in to Buxton to see where the shops and restaurants are so we know where to go for dinner.


minispace said...

Haha, cool hotel ;)

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