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My mother's broken dreams erhm...ankle.

21 May 2009

My parents went on a 10 day trip to Italy this week. They left on Tuesday to stay in a house near Genoa. This morning, my dad rang to say mum had slipped in the shower and broken her foot/leg/ankle (whichever). On their second night. Poor man was in tears. They speak a bit of Italian but nowhere near enough to be able to call the ambulance and explain what happened. Luckily the neighbour speaks a bit of German so they helped with getting mum sorted for a hospital trip.

Her foot was instantly purple and swollen and it is, say the doctors, a nasty fracture that requires surgery. But hospitals in Italy are high on the MRSA list so mum said she would absolutely not have surgery in Italy. So now they will try to fly her home on Saturday. They suggested she could hobble on to the plane on crutches but dad said she is depressed, scared and unstable on her feet so he won't let her leave unless it is ina bed. So now they are flying over a nurse from Holland (that's the law) to sit next to mum's bed in the plane.

Dad is right though. It must be really scary to slip in the bath. And if you have never ever used crutches before, going on a plane trip with them at 60 is not a good idea.

I feel sorry for both of them. Mum in a skanky hospital with no privacy curtains and terminal patients mixed with minor injuries, nobody to talk to, not many books to read (they had planned loads of trips, rather than lots of quiet reading). Dad alone in the holiday house they rented, on top of a hill, 3miles from the village, nobody to talk to, not much Italian to speak and cupboards full of shopping and food (they had just done a big shop to sustain them with wine, cheese and other nice nibbles.)

Luckily my sister speaks fluent Italian (did I mention she is pregnant again?) so she can speak to people on the phone for dad if needed.

Poor dad. He was so stressed with work, he really needed this holiday. And now he will be spending the next few months caring for my mother. Hopefully the surgery will be done soon and mum will be home recovering asap.

Should I go over there to help? Nothing I can do. It would just be to keep her company.....Grrrr...I hate not being able to help.


Julie said...

That does not sound so nice for your mother and I can understand your father's distress and it has nothing to do with the ruined holiday. Maybe just consider going for a w/e for a usual visit. Not for a help or lookafter period. You are already well-occupied.

I am constantly worried about falling in the shower. I have balance problems (goes with the tinnitus and the hearing loss!). Would get myself a non-slip mat but don't want the mould that comes with that.

Nice to hear that your sister is expecting her second. How old is the little girl? I don't remotely look like becoming a grandmother. I like the prospect of "all care and no responsibility".

Dutchcloggie said...

If you do not want a bath mat (which, freakily JD and I had just bought the day before!), you can get non-slip stickers you can stick on to the bath floor. A bit like water-proof sand paper. http://www.nonslipbath.co.uk/

She's coming home tonight and straight in to hospital. No quarantine needed they decided. Surgery asap was more important. Big relief for dad not to have to care for her at home for 4 days with an unstable fracture first!

Might go over in a few weeks. Sister lives around the corner so I am not needed in a caring role now that she's in hospital.

Just go and put some emotional blackmail on K to make you a grandma! You deserve it I'd say :-)

Nancy said...

Hello. How is your mother doing? I hope that she is fine. Congrats with your siter:O) Greetings from Nancy

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