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11 June 2009

I am going to run out of attempts to be witty about my mother's foot but one last one then....

For those who have asked me how she is doing: she's doing better. Had surgery, bandages off, stitches out tomorrow and not allowed to put any weight on it for the next 6 weeks! She's got a nippy little wheelchair to race around the house (my dad nearly had a heart attack when she tried walking around on crutches so I think they are out). The builder has made ramps so she can get in to the garden (front and back) and in to the bathroom. She's happy because she can now hang the laundry on the line again and tend to her roses.

My poor dad is doing all the shopping, cooking, washing and cleaning but mum says he is being fabulous. I can just imagine her directing him from her wheelchair.

Anyway, 6 weeks in the chair, then another 2 months of rehab and physio. Poor woman. That's your summer gone.


Julie said...

That looks very tender! Did they put a plate in or something? Good that the ramps give her similar ability to get around her house and garden.

There is a fairly long road ahead for her. I must check out what can be done in my shower. Although I know about my inability to keep my footing, it can happen in a split second.

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