16 June 2009

Jane goes spare

Gone for a nice evening of bowling with JD. Spontaneous decision. At 3 games for £7 each, I reckon that is goods value for a Tuesday night. We were really really bad! I beat JD in first frame with an impressive score of 71! The second frame was much closer but I still came out on top with an impressive score of 76. The third game I lost. JD beat me 85-84! Impressive scores? Not really. But it sure was a load of fun. Almost better than spending the whole night watching Law & Order / Law & Order SVU / Law & Order Criminal Intent on the Hallmark Channel all night.

No, actually it was more fun than that even.


  1. *chuckle*

    I can no longer bowl three games straight. My scores get progressively lower, until in the third game my arm gives out and I am lucky to get out of the gutter!

    Anything/everything is more fun than watching any drama show on television - unless it is a comedy show!

  2. I totally understand why people have their personal bowling balls made. Towards the end, my fingers were cramping and swollen and I could no longer find a ball with the right size holes for my fingers!

  3. Am I allowed to chuckle in all the wrong places?

  4. You may do so but I do not see why my wholly innocent comment should made you laugh? :-)