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Men are disgusting

02 June 2009

Now calm down, before you start accusing me of penis envy or radical feminism. Let me explain.

I work in an office with men. And not a day goes by without someone (they never own up to it) pissing on the seat, on the floor or some other place that is not IN the toilet bowl. No matter how many times I voice my disgust when it is discovered again, it still happens.

Even worse: people leave floaters in the toilet and skid marks. Again, mentioning it out loud does not encourage anyone to clean it up. Bad. But even worse, somehow, is that everyone comments on it but nobody feels the need to take the toilet brush and clean the bowl. I KNOW they may not be the person who did it, but all the guys seem perfectly happy to leave the skid marks in the bowl for someone else to clean up. And usually, that is me as I am aware of the fact that we might have some clients in at some point and it would just be embarrassing to have them face the skid marks.

And so, my conclusion is that men are disgusting. They either make a mess or are happy to leave the mess as they see no need to clean it up.


minispace said...

Ik eis keiharde bewijzen voor deze radicale feministische stellingname. Foto's van heterdaadjes willen wij zien.

Mijn theorie (uitgaande van de meest fantastische vooroordelen): Het is allemaal jullie schuld. Feministen pissen toch graag staand? Maar mikken ho maar!

Zo. En nou jij weer ;)

Julie said...

How's yer Mum?

Marieke (2) said...

Believe me, women are exactly the same. Maybe even worse! Well... almost ;-)

nancy said...

Every person is unique. I dont think that you should say:" men are this" " Women are that" Exactly, we are not! We are different! Some things we have in common, but we are our own persons. I know men who are not measy and i know women who are. Dont judge before you know every living person here in the Netherlands, UK, Australia, or over the world for that matter.

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