30 July 2009

Invocal promo material

Invocal are a female acoustic band from Northampton that perform with cello, guitar, oboe and harmonious voices

Invocal are a female acoustic band from Northampton that perform with cello, guitar, oboe and harmonious voices

There we go. The postcard/flyer for Invocal is finished. Quite a decent start I'd say. Created a logo & house style.

24 July 2009

Important work

Am working on a press pack for Invocal. Since i have no design skills at all, i am clinging on to my Dummies guide for dear life. Fun to do though. Steep learning curve.

16 July 2009

Invocal - Part 2: I am a manager

A few weeks back, I went to see Northampton band Invocal, as you may remember from my previous post.

As it happened, Invocal were looking for a new singer to join them as one of their members was rude enough to have a baby and leave the group. I auditioned but I did not get the gig. But things move in a mysterious ways and somehow, it looks like I have now ended up as their manager.

Yes, yours truly is now the manager of a real band, with real gigs and real CDs.

How does a manager do? How much time will this take me? How will I do this? How will I not let them down? I met with Rosie Swayne of Invocal today at lunch to discuss the options. I was honest with her in saying I have never done anything like it before so I'll need help. What I do have is a flood of ideas, some of which may never happen, others are easier for me to implement since I know people in design & video (we're already talking doing a video now).

Will I have to give up playing rugby as this will take up a lot of my spare time?

I really want to do this right as this is a great band that needs to play more gigs as they are a real treat to watch live.

This week I will be putting together a list of things that need doing: Press pack, press contacts, list of festivals to target next year, find my way around how to book your band, how to get them noticed etc. The aim at the moment seems to be more gigs and secondly sell more albums.

Anyone know how to get a good band playing at the Edinburgh fringe festival?

Anyway. There you have it. Invocal. You heard it here first. Now go and buy their album.

09 July 2009

We are going on holiday!

Not yet unfortunately but in August! Yay! 2 weeks away to France. My sister is hoping to give birth to kiddie No2 then as well so once we are on the mainland, we can just drive on to Holland if she is kind enough to deliver whilst we are in EUrope.

Other than that, the plan is to go camping in Brittany and cycle parts of the Nantes - Brest Canal. That is a nice and flat route to keep JD happy, and nice and cycling to keep me happy. We have ordered a nice book from Amazon about the canal and a map of Brittany so we are all set. Now all we need to do is decide where along the canal we will set up camp. We won't cycle the whole thing but just day trips here and there. I am BEYOND excited.

In other news, JD and I have gone back to the gym and I am SO proud of JD. She was focussed, put effort in, sweated loads and even signed up for a 6-week fitness plan specially put together for her. Last time we went to the gym, she was unable to concentrate for more than 2 minutes, kept stopping and did not sweat at all since she put no effort in: lost concentration before she even got going.

All these little things make me feel really positive about the future: she's really getting better. Yay. Bring on the holiday!

02 July 2009

Bike found

On our way to the pub for a nice waterside dinner, JD spotted a shade of blue in the bushes. It turned out to be this lovely brand new Raleigh folding bike. No really, it is brand new, probably used only to escape the cops or the keeper of the shop from where it was stolen. It will be on Ebay shortly and it will be subsidising the fixing of the dent in the car that someone made and then drove off,

Dottie the (lesbian) Sock...

...and how she found her match.

A book about something we can all relate to: A sock that just can not find her match. We have all been through it: somehow, you have socks that just don't go together. No matter how many times you wear the two odd socks together, no matter how much you try to make them in to a pair, it just does not feel right.

That is how Dottie feels. She's a cute sock, looking for her match.

She won't give up until she finds [her match]. She asks her Mom. She asks her Dad. She asks her Sister. She asks her Brother. She even asks her Nana and Papa. She doesn't find her pair, until she looks inside of herself and follows her heart.

Dottie is a lesbian sock.

Christine Gayle wrote a cute children's book about looking for that other person who makes you complete. And in Dottie's case, she is just a girl sock, looking for another girl sock.

Needless to say this book has caused outrage in the US.

In a rather funny article about the book,After Ellen says:
When Dottie was released last week, Gayle began receiving emails from angry parents saying there should be some kind of Big Gay warning on the outside of the book. It seems so non-threatening, then you open it up and — BOOM! — homosexual stockings. How is a kid supposed to recover from something like that? Oh, and also: writing about lesbian socks will cause God to doom America to hell.

I am laughing still after reading that article. Both at how funny it is, but also, sadly, at how ridiculous, once again, American parents are about anything that might have anything to do with educating people about homosexuality.