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Bike found

02 July 2009

On our way to the pub for a nice waterside dinner, JD spotted a shade of blue in the bushes. It turned out to be this lovely brand new Raleigh folding bike. No really, it is brand new, probably used only to escape the cops or the keeper of the shop from where it was stolen. It will be on Ebay shortly and it will be subsidising the fixing of the dent in the car that someone made and then drove off,


nancy said...

Sorry,but why dont you bring it to the police? Its owner will look for it and the chances are really big that he or she went to the police himself. I dont think that it is fair to get money for something that isnt even yours, but that is how i feel about it.

Dutchcloggie said...

When is the last time you actually reported a stolen bike to the police? If I take the bike to the police, it will vanish in the basement. I always look for someone advertising my bike for sale in the local paper. By putting it up for sale in the local paper, there is a good chance someone will contact me to say: hey, that is my bike. And then I'll give it back to them. That is how this plan is supposed to work. Not really putting it on Ebay. Sorry if the joke did not come across well enough.

However, if it is still in my front room in a week's time, I will call the police and tell them I have the bike. Then after a few weeks of no news, the thing will become legally mine. And then I'll sell it.

Nance said...

O, okay: thanks for the reaction. :O)Internet is a stupid medium sometimes.You can miss the jokes. Sorry about that. How did it end by the way!

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