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Dottie the (lesbian) Sock...

02 July 2009

...and how she found her match.

A book about something we can all relate to: A sock that just can not find her match. We have all been through it: somehow, you have socks that just don't go together. No matter how many times you wear the two odd socks together, no matter how much you try to make them in to a pair, it just does not feel right.

That is how Dottie feels. She's a cute sock, looking for her match.

She won't give up until she finds [her match]. She asks her Mom. She asks her Dad. She asks her Sister. She asks her Brother. She even asks her Nana and Papa. She doesn't find her pair, until she looks inside of herself and follows her heart.

Dottie is a lesbian sock.

Christine Gayle wrote a cute children's book about looking for that other person who makes you complete. And in Dottie's case, she is just a girl sock, looking for another girl sock.

Needless to say this book has caused outrage in the US.

In a rather funny article about the book,After Ellen says:
When Dottie was released last week, Gayle began receiving emails from angry parents saying there should be some kind of Big Gay warning on the outside of the book. It seems so non-threatening, then you open it up and — BOOM! — homosexual stockings. How is a kid supposed to recover from something like that? Oh, and also: writing about lesbian socks will cause God to doom America to hell.

I am laughing still after reading that article. Both at how funny it is, but also, sadly, at how ridiculous, once again, American parents are about anything that might have anything to do with educating people about homosexuality.


Kristel said...

There is nothing funny about it... Serious stuff. How can I read this to F.? She will be completly shocked: two girly socks. How can I explain that to her?

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