16 July 2009

Invocal - Part 2: I am a manager

A few weeks back, I went to see Northampton band Invocal, as you may remember from my previous post.

As it happened, Invocal were looking for a new singer to join them as one of their members was rude enough to have a baby and leave the group. I auditioned but I did not get the gig. But things move in a mysterious ways and somehow, it looks like I have now ended up as their manager.

Yes, yours truly is now the manager of a real band, with real gigs and real CDs.

How does a manager do? How much time will this take me? How will I do this? How will I not let them down? I met with Rosie Swayne of Invocal today at lunch to discuss the options. I was honest with her in saying I have never done anything like it before so I'll need help. What I do have is a flood of ideas, some of which may never happen, others are easier for me to implement since I know people in design & video (we're already talking doing a video now).

Will I have to give up playing rugby as this will take up a lot of my spare time?

I really want to do this right as this is a great band that needs to play more gigs as they are a real treat to watch live.

This week I will be putting together a list of things that need doing: Press pack, press contacts, list of festivals to target next year, find my way around how to book your band, how to get them noticed etc. The aim at the moment seems to be more gigs and secondly sell more albums.

Anyone know how to get a good band playing at the Edinburgh fringe festival?

Anyway. There you have it. Invocal. You heard it here first. Now go and buy their album.


  1. So ... have you answered any of those questions you threw at yourself?

    My oldest baby is 30 on Thursday ... yikes!!

  2. Of course I have not answered any of my own questions. I am just worried that this will be yet another one of my hare-brained schemes where I am all over it for a few weeks/days and then lose interest. I don't want that because this band certainly deserves better than that. They have been at it for 10 years and if they don't make the jump soon, some members may choose to leave and then things will fall apart. I don't want to be partly responsible for that.

    I am writing a press pack and have a pile of CDs here to send to people for reviewing. I am OK with the PR/Marketing side of it I reckon. Creating flyers, posters, a band logo, press releases etc. I am just worried about how to get them bookings and that side of things.

    30......how time flies.... :-)

  3. Time has that way with it ...

    If they have been at it for 10 years, then the responsibility is not yours. Just crook timing ...

    Re the alloverit-loseinterest issue ... the things you list are the things done in your home-office. To get them bookings, you have to go out and schmooze ... foot-in-the-door and yak-yak-yak ... IMO it is a person-to-person thing ... you are up to that, I reckon.