09 July 2009

We are going on holiday!

Not yet unfortunately but in August! Yay! 2 weeks away to France. My sister is hoping to give birth to kiddie No2 then as well so once we are on the mainland, we can just drive on to Holland if she is kind enough to deliver whilst we are in EUrope.

Other than that, the plan is to go camping in Brittany and cycle parts of the Nantes - Brest Canal. That is a nice and flat route to keep JD happy, and nice and cycling to keep me happy. We have ordered a nice book from Amazon about the canal and a map of Brittany so we are all set. Now all we need to do is decide where along the canal we will set up camp. We won't cycle the whole thing but just day trips here and there. I am BEYOND excited.

In other news, JD and I have gone back to the gym and I am SO proud of JD. She was focussed, put effort in, sweated loads and even signed up for a 6-week fitness plan specially put together for her. Last time we went to the gym, she was unable to concentrate for more than 2 minutes, kept stopping and did not sweat at all since she put no effort in: lost concentration before she even got going.

All these little things make me feel really positive about the future: she's really getting better. Yay. Bring on the holiday!


  1. Some good things in this post. All very up up ...

    But ... you have interested me with the Nantes-Brest cycle way along the canal. I am looking for an active holiday in France; not for this year but your Autumn 2010. This sounds perfect.

    In 2008 three of us went to Langudoc and that was a lot of sitting/driving/tourist stuff. Next time there will only be two of us and this would be perfect. Mind if I nick this idea and see if it grows on us? We would not do like you two, but instead have bikes on the back of a van.

    Hah ... my Word verification is "packered" Which is what I usually am after a month in Europe. Packered and broke ...

    All that exercise shit sounds really good though you two. Way to go!

  2. I don't have your email address (well, I think I might not) but if you email me your home address at my gaelic4 at yahoo dot com, I can send you the book I have bought about that canal, when I come back off holiday?

    We are not cycling the whole thing either! Just camping near the canal a few days and just go on short trips along the waterside, returning to base camp afterwards.

  3. Very sweet but dont mail me the boook ...just tell me the name and I will check it out with Amazon. Many thanks ... I would like to know all the things that you think are shit/tough and all the things that are cool ... one of us is not so athletic/fit and the other is athletic/fit ... Do you think you could do some posts as you plan ... and then some when you return. Taa ...

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  5. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Nantes-Brest-Canal-Brittany-Guide-Guides/dp/095360019X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1247147311&sr=8-1

    Posted wrong link earlier. Try this one.

  6. Ripper ... taa ... I will fly the idea over the weekend ...

  7. Hee hee ... I am checking out both Brest and the Midi ... but need a van too.

    Is Sanna the lass you went to Paris with?

  8. She is indeed. Was just going through some videos on Google and reading reviews. Always nice to read friends doing well. Especially since she is a really good singer/pianist.

    Remember that canals in France do not all have a towpath. Some are carved out in the rocks and the cycling path will actually take you along the top of the rocks. That is why the Brest - Nantes thing is good: Flat as a pancake. As is the area around Carnac / Trinite sur Mer. Lovely.