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Camping Gaz family

20 August 2009

When i was really little, my folks used to take us camping and have fond memories of my sister and I being in bed in the tent with my parents outside in the dark, having a drink and reading the paper. They did not use a torch but a Camping Gaz lantern. The slight hissing sound it used to make whilst burning helped me fall asleep. And now i finally have my own for the first time ever. And it makes me feel kind of strange. Takes me back to my childhood and makes me feel like an adult at the same time. No longer do i have to make do with sub-par battery powered torches. No, my lantern burns brightly. Well, it will later tonight. In the picture is also a very very old Camping Gaz stove that my parents passed on to me a few years ago. I think it is over 20 years old but still works like a treat. We are in Yport in Normandy after a day's driving. JD is having a sleep before we go for dinner. Am reading about how to manage a band whilst listening to Invocal. Holiday is bliss.


Julie said...

Power to you. *grin*

Brings back memories of a tilley lamp that I had as a child that was burning metho that lit up a mantle that glowed ... prehistoric times.

I am sooo pleased you are both over there ...

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