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I want it all

26 August 2009

I want to eat all the cheese here. I want to eat all the lovely fish and the wonderful dried sausage. I want to eat and not get fat. Alas. Impossible. So i wil just eat now and diet later.


Julie said...

*grin* ... it is lovely isn't it?

Julie said...

Photos and thoughts about the locale, pulease!! Quiberon is right out on a narrow promontory. Did you both enjoy it?

Dutchcloggie said...

Tsk tsk tsk. Patience is a virtue :-)

Thoughts about the locals...we didn't take nearly as many pictures as we should have but we did keep a neat travel diary. In a note book. Hand written. It is LOVELY in Quiberon. That whole area is great. Especially the Cote Sauvage. Of which we did of course not take any pictures. Ooooops.

Julie said...

I am just so addicted to this photo-shit that I simply cannot understand how anyone can take fewer than 200 shots per day!!!

Maybe they just substitue quantity with quality ...

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