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We love the NHS

14 August 2009

I have been trying to come up with a good opinionated post about why I am so angry about what the US right-wing numbnuts are saying about the NHS and the general direction of the healthcare reform debate overthere. But I just can not get past my anger and exasperation.

The US is being run into the ground by Republicans who will oppose anything Obama says, just because it is Obama saying it. Even if they actually AGREE with what he is saying.

For example on Living Wills:

Then there is the burning hatred that is tearing the country apart. People with guns, people holding up signs saying Obama and his kids should die, people painting Swastikas and Hitler mustaches on Obama's face.

I don't care if Americans want to kill each other. I just don't understand why they are doing this to each other. I know HOW they are doing it: The right has an iron grip on Fox News. The moderate people do not have anything as powerful on their side.

Faux News' latest gobsmacking idea: The NHS is a breeding ground for terrorists. You see, because of the Stalinist healthcare system in Britain, doctors get paid a pittance. So not many Brits want to be doctors. And so the NHS recruits from Muslim countries. And in a huhge communist system like the NHS, they become invisible and can do whatever they want. And they end up bombing Britain. All because of a National Health Service.

AND AMERICANS BELIEVE THIS! There is NO news editor at Faux News that says: that is not even news, it is ridiculous. No. It is put out there. As news. And Americans believe it.

And that just almost makes me burst in to tears. Because I just can not understand how you can possibly even entertain that notion, let alone broadcast it on a news channel.

Needless to say, I love the NHS at the moment. They have been nothing but spectacular with JD's brain tumour. Never had to wait for a scan or appointment, never had appointment canceled, never had doctor who 'did not have the paperwork', I can email the oncology nurse a question and he calls me back within minutes.
I dread to think of the amount of money I would have had to pay for JD's treatment if we had been in the USA. In exchange for saving her life, I will gladly pay more tax. Or wait 4 months for that elective surgery.


BANJO52 said...

Why has no one responded to this post? You have done us Yanks a real service--I hadn't seen either of these video clips.

Thanks to you, here's the email I'll be sending around:

If you want some ammo against far right Repubimorons on health care . . . go here and see the August 14 post, "We Love the NHS." But you might not sleep as well afterward.


For the sake of my own sleep, I haven't watched enough of Rachel Maddow to say this, but for now, may she live long and prosper.

Wishing you the best in your own struggles,

BANJO52 said...

P.S. In case you're interested, I tried my own rant on this subject on my August 12 post--then a calmer version the next day. Not sure whether it would be a good comic diversion for you, but at least a kindred spirit, at least on his issue.

I too got almost no response.

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