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Invocal in the Park

22 September 2009

I think I am spending entirely too much time on Invocal. Things on my to-do list at the moment:

- Design new website
- Get website built & sort out hosting
- Organise photography session for new promo shots
- Sort out new promotional materials
- Get gigs booked
- Get more press coverage
- Update MySpace & Twitter with regular news
- Keep mailing list updated
- Organise a video shoot & manage creation of videos

Needless to say JD is getting a *little* bit frustrated with the amount of time I spend on Invocal. But on the other hand, she loves that I am doing something I enjoy immensely. And the music is nice: Acoustic, folk-ish, funny and from Northampton to boot :-)

This weekend, we went to The Racecourse in Northampton to take a few new photos. I took my camera along and then I shot a little bit of video. Since I don't have any decent video editing software, I used Windows Movie Maker (EVIL program!) to create a short film of a minute.

Invocal in the Park from Invocal on Vimeo.

This morning, Northampton acoustic group Invocal took to The Racecourse to have their picture taken. Things are never simple with that lot...


Julie said...

I looked at this last night, now this morning I have worked out what is disconcerting.

The park is not very green. It is burnt off a bit like an Australian park. But you are in England and you are just coming out of summer. Everything should be lush ...

I dont have speakers on my computer so did not hear the music.

And, of course, Joni Mitchell is great.

Dutchcloggie said...

Lush and summer don't go together in England. The video is a bit washed out because the sun was shining really brightly. SO I had to do a bit of Photoshopping with the pictures as they too showed a lack of contrast, even if the actual picture we nice. I'll post them here once I finished touching them up.

If you don't have speakers, I would still suggest you have a look at 1 of their best lyrics: Cheer Up Frowny Face (http://www.invocal.co.uk/lyrics/index.php#cheerupfrownyface). It is about how people think they are understanding when a fried is depressed but in reality they just think it is all a bit annoying when the depression does not pass in a few days.

Gives a good impression of fun & serious at the same time.
Well, I think it does. But you would still be best of listening to the music :-)

Dutchcloggie said...

PS: I won't be offended if you don't like it at all :-)

Julie said...

I will get Al to attach the speakers back onto the computer and listen as well.

I found the lyrics a bit hard to follow with all the change of voice. I think that maybe if you had not given me an overview, I may have been a little perplexed with what the lyricist wanted to tell me. But this is my lack of understanding more than anything. I will listen and see if I appreciate them more.

You are usually spot on with the lyrics you like ...

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