29 October 2009

18 October 2009


Glee is my latest TV love fest. Good clean fun. With jane Lynch. If you liked Tracey Flick in the movie "Election", you'll love this. You have to skip over the music bits that are a little too High School Musical to my taste but the dialogue is great, witty, sarcastic (yay, Americans DO understand sarcasm it turns out).

Catch it online if you can. Really. There is never too much Jane Lynch. And I am saying this purely on artistic merit because she ain't pretty. Just damn talented. And funny.

I think.

07 October 2009

To cut or not to cut?

Another doctor's visit this morning. JD is about to start month 3 of her chemo therapy (Temozolomide). So far she has tolerated the first two treatments really well. Things are going better all the time with her, apart from the tumour obviously. She is losing weight, she is fitter, back to fencing and back to university. She has taken on mentoring some students or something so it is all very positive. It seems she has finally recovered from the radiotherapy.

But then last week she had a headache. She says it was 'one of those' headaches that indicated pressure behind her eyes (which would indicate the tumour is growing or at least the brain is selling for some reason). It only lasted a day but obviously enough to get worried.

Today we met with the Neuro Oncology nurse who keeps track of JD's treatment. He said the Neuro Surgeon thinks he can remove parts of the tumour. Our initial response was: great news, cut it out, any reduction in tumour is great, right?

On second thought, things may not be so black & white. JD is doing really well at the moment. She is tolerating the chemo really well, is back on track with PhD and everything.

So, if the headaches are not returning (yet), why would she go through the surgery? Apparently it takes longer to recover from second surgery, especially after the radiotherapy. So that would mean delaying the PhD once more which may have impact on her funding. There does not seem to be an urgent need for surgery right away. We initially understood that they could cut away some of the parts that have turned from Grade 2 to Grade 3 but that is not the case. They can remove just some bits of the tumour that they can safely get to.

So the Neuro Oncology nurse suggested she has an Outpatient appointment with a Neuro Surgeon to discuss the options first.

I think JD is leaning towards no surgery at least until they have done another scan after the first 6 month Chemo cycle. Unless of course the headaches suddenly return and get worse.

Obviously this decision has nothing to do with the fact that surgery soon will mean no ski trip in January :-)

hat do other people feel about these choices? Remove it as soon as possible, or remove it only when there is a medical need?