04 November 2009

Invocal - Sex

I bought a video camera the other day and I used it to film an Invocal gig. Obviously cameras with Auto focus do you like candles flickering and the quality is pretty poor. Especially if you compare it to the video I recorded on my little mobile phone which is almost even better!

Needless to say I returned the camera to the shop and got my money back.

In the meantime Invocal are working on a nice video that should be ready soon. I mean like a professional one with real camera people and stuff....

01 November 2009

How are things...

Long time no news. Things are going as well as can be expected I guess. JD is still on the monthly chemotherapy cycle and is about to start the 4th lot. We have decided to wait with surgery until the first 6 month cycle of chemotherapy is finished in January. they will then do a scan which may give us some idea if the tumour is actually being held back by the chemotherapy. we know there is no cure so long-term remission is what we are aiming for. For the moment JD is physically healthy and back at university to work on her PhD which is a great motivation.

In the mean time I am really busy with trying to get more Invocal gigs and publicity but I am feeling a tad out of my depth. They are absolutely brilliant and deserve a break and sometimes I feel I just won't be able to give them what they deserve. I guess it would be easier if they were just kind of average because hen every gig is a bonus. But because they re so good, it is frustrating that other people don't immediately jump on board and give them gigs etc. Perhaps it is time to realise I can not do everything and I should call in help neon a booking agent to help themget gigs. Agents have loads of contacts that I just don't have.

Selling Poppies

Selling poppies today in support of the Royal British Legion. They support veterans from all wars. Nice to spend a few hours for a good cause.

This week is International Brain Tumour Awareness Week. Will do some fundraising for them as well. Good karma.