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01 November 2009

Long time no news. Things are going as well as can be expected I guess. JD is still on the monthly chemotherapy cycle and is about to start the 4th lot. We have decided to wait with surgery until the first 6 month cycle of chemotherapy is finished in January. they will then do a scan which may give us some idea if the tumour is actually being held back by the chemotherapy. we know there is no cure so long-term remission is what we are aiming for. For the moment JD is physically healthy and back at university to work on her PhD which is a great motivation.

In the mean time I am really busy with trying to get more Invocal gigs and publicity but I am feeling a tad out of my depth. They are absolutely brilliant and deserve a break and sometimes I feel I just won't be able to give them what they deserve. I guess it would be easier if they were just kind of average because hen every gig is a bonus. But because they re so good, it is frustrating that other people don't immediately jump on board and give them gigs etc. Perhaps it is time to realise I can not do everything and I should call in help neon a booking agent to help themget gigs. Agents have loads of contacts that I just don't have.


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