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Invocal - Sex

04 November 2009

I bought a video camera the other day and I used it to film an Invocal gig. Obviously cameras with Auto focus do you like candles flickering and the quality is pretty poor. Especially if you compare it to the video I recorded on my little mobile phone which is almost even better!

Needless to say I returned the camera to the shop and got my money back.

In the meantime Invocal are working on a nice video that should be ready soon. I mean like a professional one with real camera people and stuff....


Julie said...

1000 pounds ... golly gosh!

My father refused to give me a PoA and I had to go to court to get authority to handle his money. I could handle his lifestyle choices without a PoA but could not use his money to pay for them.

Kirsten has had my PoA since 2002 and it only cost a little bit to tack it onto the drawing up of a new will.

1000 pounds is a shit-load ...

I gather youse guys had a bit of a wet weekend. It was 40C here on Sunday.

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