20 December 2009

Invocal - Bubblewrap

Tataaaa! After all the hassle & hard work, here it is: The video for Bubblewrap, Invocal's new song. I love it. But then again, I'm biased. What do you all think?

Also, for those who are lucky enough to have Spotify, Invocal are now available on Spotify. Go on, have a look for them and then go and buy the music.

16 December 2009

It's been so long.....

Geez...it really has been ages since I was last here. Yes, you guessed it, the ladies of Invocal are to blame.

Most of you will be bored to death with the Invocal stuff from me (I'm not....) so, for those who want to know (mum, I KNOW you reads this!), things have been going well.

JD is still doing her monthly chemotherapy (Temodar/Temozolomide for those who want to know) and she is about to do her 6th cycle in January. After that they will do another MRI scan and this will hopefully show that her brain tumour has stopped growing. If it has, then JD will simply continue with the monthly chemotherapy cycle for as long as the tumour remains stable. If it has not stopped growing or it is still changing from a Grade 2 to a Grade 3, then, well, I don't really know what happens then. We'll cross that bridge when we get there I suppose.

For now, things are going well and the chemo is not making JD very ill. Tablets are the way forward I say!

I am spending all my spare time (and then some) on all kinds of random Invocal stuff. New website, new video, new EP, press, posters, gigs, whatever. It all looks lovely and the new EP, Strange Sugar (which you can buy here), is out in 3 days, together with the wonderful music video we made. It has been really stressful at times, especially since I tend to worry about everything. Currently I am worried about not making enough money for the band to buy a splendid new Tour Van. Not that they need it but they really want one :-)

SInce a few months, I have taken up guitar lessons again. If you live in Northampton and you are thinking of playing guitar or giving a guitar to your kids, I can recommend a really nice teacher, Rosie Swayne. Nothing to do with the fact that she is also in Invocal of course but seriously, nice lessons. I wish I had started playing again earlier. I am not really able to concentrate for a whole hour but most weeks I can get a decent amount of time of the lesson actually spent on playing guitar. Now all I need to do it stop talking and providing a running commentary whilst I try and play.

Went to see Eddie Izzard in Nottingham. In fact, I am wearing a "Covered in bees" t-shirt as we speak. Really really good. For those who don't know his Bee-routine:

Now this is sounding far too much like one of those awful Christmas round robin letters I really hate so this will have to do for now.