13 March 2010

I'm alive!

So. After months of nothing, here is a new blog post. Really only because my mother told me off for not posting anything. Bit strange because she calls me every week as wel so there is nothing she does not know already! Nevermind. I guess I should be happy that she cares so much.

So what has happened since January?

Well, the best thing is that JD's brain tumour treatment is finally working! The first 6 months of chemotherapy (Temozolomide, for those who care) has resulted in the malignant cells becoming undetectable on the scan and the benign areas of the tumour shrinking considerably. Yay! So for the next 6 months, she'll continue with the chemo and hopefully things will keep improving.

Other than that, Invocal is still ticking along nicely. Not as much as I would like to so there is still lots of work to do all the time but the new website, designed by Yours Truly is finally live: http://www.invocal.co.uk. That has been going on since it was warm enough last year to wear shorts (I remember showing the initial designs to the band in the beer garden in the pub...) so I am glad it is finally sorted.

Also another video live on YouTube for the song Josie oh Jo.

JD and I went on a lovely snow trip to Andorra last week. Lovely snow, cheap booze. Snowboarding went quite well but I did fall over a few times. Nothing serious though. Next year I think I'll take some lessons because I want to get better than I am now and it seems I am too afraid of falling to improve without some extra help.

That's kind of all there is to say really.
Next month I am going on a course to learn to do sound at live gigs. Might come in handy for Invocal work but mostly I just like to learn about how to do the sound at a gig, what to listen out for, etc.

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