06 June 2010

Wychwood Festival 2010 (Part 2)

Last night's comedy in the BBC Introducing tent was funny and I wish I could have stayed longer but the trek to the toilets was so long that when I was halfway at the campsite for a wee, I decided I might as well go to sleep. So I was in bed by 11.30, stone cold sober, ready for a snooze.

Unfortunately the people in the tent next to me had other ideas. They played music (Stevie Wonder for crying out loud) late into the night. At about 1am, I got out of my tent and asked them in the nicest possible way if they would please turn the music off since it was late and this was the Quiet Area of the campsite. They gave me dirty looks, commented on my thumb ring ("I like your thumb ring.. (thanks)...NOT". Oh hahaha) and were basically rude to me. As I turned around to go back to my tent, I heard them saying to each other:" That was a lesbian, I'm sure. That's bad being a lesbian" and other rude stuff. Now that REALLY made me angry. I turned around and, kind of, shouted at them they were rude fuckers and that turning the music down had nothing to do with being a lesbian or not. Needless to say they turned the music up and sang even louder.

I felt like a lost the argument by swearing so this morning, I walked up to their tent and said: "My apologies for swearing last night. I don't mind you calling ME names but I hope that if your kids ever tell you there are gay, you don't call them fucking dykes and dirty lesbians. You should be a better than that."

As I walked away, I felt a nice sense of moral superiority. So here is the proof: having kids and going to a family friendly festival does NOT mean you are a nice person. If you are an arsehole, you will still be an arsehole.

And maybe it really is true: swearing does not make you feel any better.

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  1. Hello, I had a similar experience last year and when I commented on it on my blog, got a load of abuse for being a snobby killjoy!