05 June 2010

Wychwood Festival (part 1)

So here I am at the Wychwood Festival at the Chelenham Racecours. Just had a nice cup of tea and my little (borrowed) netbook is getting its first proper test run.

The Wychwood Festival is really one of the loveliest festivals I have been to so far. It is, of course, children, wheelchair, eco, fair trade and human rights friendly as festivals all claim to be these days in an attempt to maintain the traditional hippie-like mood of festivals.

The campsite is lovedly and not so bloody loud as with other festivals. The music s quirky and interesting, even the acts I have never heard of (of which there are plenty).

My musical highlight of the day so far was The Piney Gir Country Road Show.

The day has been hot & humid so far and this obviously helps the atmosphere along a good bit: lying in the grass, enjoying the music and a glass of Pimms next to the Waitrose food stand. Yes, festivals these days can be eco-friendly AND terribly middle class.

There are a lot (and I mean A LOT) of children here and there is plenty for them to do: story telling, play equipment, ukulele workshops, circus workshops and whatever else you can think of.

Myself, I had a nice little sit down and listened to an great old fashioned storyteller who was keeping both the kids and the adults engrossed in his mediaeval tale of a thieving baby.

Dark clouds are rolling in at the moment so I am going to find a safe place and have a drink whilst listening to some lovely music.

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