21 July 2010

Invocal has left the building

Less than a year after I got involved with Invocal, the band played their last gig ever for a packed Labour Club in Northampton on Saturday. I know the obvious suggestion is that I have something to do with that but I am quite sure it is not my fault :-)

Helen is going traveling and Bee is going to University to become a qualified teacher...

After announcing the end of the band, back in April, no more gigs had been booked so after a long period of not playing, they suddenly had 2 gigs to rehearse for: 10th July in Wellingborough and a week later, their Final (over)Act in The Labour Club in Northampton.

The gig was sold out within weeks so about 100 very lucky and loyal Invocal fans turned up at 7.45, ready for a night full of fun and sadness.

The band was truly awesome and the set consisted of old and new material with Surprise Guest Sarah Moloney (who left the band 2 years ago) joining in to sing the older material. The whole night was absolutely fantastic, the audience was great, there was singing, heckling, and, at the end, a tiny hint of a tear.

For my part, I can only say I feel really privileged to have been, a brief, part of the Invocal entourage. A truly talented group of women but also just lovely people. I have learned an awful lot and met some wonderful people.

But enough sadness! Rosie & Rachel, the two remaining band members, are already working hard on their new act which will be launched in the autumn this year. Keep an eye out for that! I'll still be involved in some way. Manager? Marketing? PR? Sound stuff? Personal Assistant to Ms Swayne & Dr Duncan? No idea just yet.

In the mean time, here is some lovely Invocal music to keep you occupied.

<a href="http://invocal.bandcamp.com/album/strange-sugar">Bubblewrap by Invocal</a>

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