24 September 2010

Moving house

We moved in to a new house 2 months ago, before things went downhill. Maybe looking back, you could say that was a stupid move. Naive to think things were not going to change. But it did not cross our minds that things could go downhill so quickly.

Now, JD can no longer get up the stairs very well and it is only a matter of weeks before she won't be able to at all. This would be a major problem as the bathroom & bedrooms are of course upstairs. So after some consulting with the MacMillan nurses, I decided to move house again as soon as possible. This morning, we went to take a look at a flat and it is wonderful. A massive ground floor flat with a huge bedroom with bay windows and a tiny tiny second bedroom (I don't think it even fits a single bed!). Small bathroom but very big open plan kitchen and lounge, big sliding doors to a small patio and parking right around the back of the house. I would have considered moving in there even if JD had not been ill.

The letting agency were fantastic and helpful and after I explained the situation, they waived the administration fee normally involved in moving house. The only thing I need to pay is a £250 release fee from our current house because we have only been here for 2 of the 6 months we signed for.

Although JD seems overwhelmed by the speed of this, she does seem to understand why it is important. Still, it upsets me that I am making all these decisions for her. I am so afraid of treating her like a child. I want her to feel included & valued as much as possible.

But at least once we have moved in, JD can stay home with me until the very end or until she needs to go into a hospice. That makes me feel better. If only a little bit.

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