28 January 2011

Whilst we still can...

Last year, when JD was very ill, I cried when thinking about all the things we said we still wanted to do and never did. The places we wanted to go but thought: when JD gets really ill, we'll start travelling. And the JD got really ill and there was no question of going anywhere anymore. It all happened too soon.

Recently JD has improved immensely and next month, we are off to Scotland for a ski trip, one of the things JD loves more than anything. As the days creep by and JD gets better and better, there is a risk of sinking back into the daily life and forgetting that things may not always continue to get better.

I don't like bringing up the fact that JD will most likely not live for another 10 years as I don't like upsetting JD. But this evening, as we were lying on the sofa having a cuddle, I realised we might be wasting valuable time. So I brought it up. I said if there was somewhere we wanted to go, it would be a good idea to do it as soon possible. Australia is probably out of the question, if only because of the long travel time, but Paris and Canada might still be possible. We can afford to do it with our savings and making the same mistake as before, waiting until things get worse, turned out to be a stupid idea.

JD agreed and the first thing we will do is go to Paris. For how long? Who cares. A week? 2 weeks? Who cares. Actually, not the very first thing. First we are going with my family to the snow in Italy for a week in March. After our February trip to Scotland of course.

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