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04 March 2011

Since the last slightly depressing post, things have more or less continued as they were before. In fact, nothign much has changed really. Apart from JD now having some kind of terrible itch all over her body. It is not a skin problem as there is nothing to see but she can not stop sratching, day or night. It realy is eating away at our ability to sleep properly sop she is having a blood test soon to see if there are issue with her liver that would explain the problems.

On the fun side, we have been away on some trips!

First we went to Scotland for a few days in the snow. JD is an excellent skier and wanted to ski again this year, as we do every year. However, taking her abroad felt rather risky. On top of that, she needed someone to ski with her as she has balance and concentration issues. We found help from Disability Snowsport UK
. They have a ski school up in The Cairngorms in Scotland so we set off to Bonnie Scotland for a week in the snow. The people there could not have been more helpful. They were lovely with Jane and JD had a fantastic time skiing. I don't know what I would have done without DSUK. I love them. Also, I need to thank Brain Tumour UK for their kind contribution towards Jane's ski lessons.

Some pictures:

After that lovely trip, we also went to Stockholm for 6 days. Jane said she really wanted to go there so off we went like a pair of regular jetsetters!
It was still really cold in Stockholm so there was more snow and ice for us to see. We had a lovely time in a very expensive-feeling hotel. The most important thing is that JD enjoyed herself very much.


All this travel does not come cheap and I was very very touched when JD's friends set up this website where people could donate money towards our future travel plans: The Magical Memory Tour. Such a sweet thought and really helpful because although it might look like we are living the jetset lifestyle, it really does not come cheap and for our friends and family to realise that and wanting to contribute to our memories is really touching. We are very grateful indeed. I am slightly concerned by the feeling of asking people for money but then again, so many people ask if there is something they can do for us and quite frankly, the gift of memories is a wonderful thing.


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