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04 June 2011

Hello. Welcome back to my personal blog. Since BouncyBean was about JD and our/her journey with her brain tumour, I felt it was time to end that blog chapter and return to my own, personal blog to continue my own journey. All the blog posts from BouncyBean are here as well.

I have collected ALL 6 years' worth of posts about the brain tumour on a new website. You can find it here: http://www.astrocytoma.co.uk. The reason for creating a new blog is that Wordpress offers much better options for keeping posts organised. And for 6 years' worth of blogs need to stay organised. The site contains ONLY posts about the brain tumour journey. I think a lot of you may not have been able to read the older blogs because they appeared on my personal website, instead of a dedicated site.

I have organised JD's funeral mostly on my own. It has been the most stressful time for reasons I can not publicly discuss in detail, but believe me, I would like to. Suffice to say that I would rather re-live the day JD died, than have another day like I had on Wednesday, when I had to see the funeral director 3 times in one day with different dates. When I had to contact a school to try and re-organise someone's exams so the date would suit, something that surely shouldn't be my job. When due to this changing of dates, I could not get the special coffin I wanted so I had to phone the manufacturer direct and get them to tell the funeral director that they COULD deliver on time, despite me being told it was impossible. When my car battery died due to spending so much time on my mobile whilst it was charging. When the venue for the "after-party" was declared unavailable on the day of the funeral, despite having been given that date as an option, only for it it be available again an hour later. When I had to design a funeral announcement card and get it ready for the printer the next day. When someone wanted to discuss the contents of JD's will already.

Never again. I hope. The ONLY person who simply did what he promised and did it quickly, was Chris, a designer who promised he would finish the design of the card and get it ready for the printer.

But in the end, most of it is now done. Just need to make an Order of Service and write some words to say at the service. Not sure if I will speak or get someone else to say it for me.http://www.astrocytoma.co.uk


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