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10 July 2011

I am RUNNING to raise money for Cancer Research. When? Well, THIS WEEKEND! I must be mad but there you have it.

Jane absolutely HATED running and swore she would never do any fundraising that involved running. So I'm doing it instead. I hate running too and will most likely crawl my way to the finish. I am probably entering this because I am grieving and not of sound mind.
All the more reason for you to sponsor me. I have set a VERY modest target and will probably end up sponsoring myself just so the counter does not say £0.
So please please please, give me 50p (or more) of your money and make me happy. At least for a day.
Thank you. Go to the Race for Life page I set up for BouncyBean and pay with your credit card, wherever in the world you are.


The Race for Life is over and done with. Thanks to all who gave money. After areful consideration, I have decided to focus all my future fundraising on the Cynthia Spencer Hospice. The hospice cared for Jane (and for me) in her final days. The staff, from the coffee ladies to the doctors and nurses, were amazing and made Jane's last few days much better. They also gave me peace of mind because I knew Jane was not in pain.

Please visit my fundraising page at http://justgiving.com/Bouncybean to make a donation. Alternatively, text BEAN83 £5 to 70070 to donate £5 or however much you wish to donate. (mobile donations are up to £10)


Anonymous said...

yay! i think this is a brilliant thing to do (tho rather you than me lol). consider yourself sponsored and all the best with it! caz x ps thanks for being a truly refreshing and inspiring blogger.

Nancy said...

I think that you and Jane are both really strong women. It is really hard to loose somebody you love and i can't begin to understand what you must be feeling right now. I hope that Jane can see you somewhere and watches over you.
Take care!
Oud schoolgenootje Chr. Windesheim

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