31 July 2011

We were beautiful together


  1. They are lovely photographs, taken by a talented photographer. I like the rolling eyeballs in the first one, and the refelction of the photographer in Jane's eyes in the second one.

    Good stuff ... you are moving from mourning to 'celebrating'. Do you realise this?

  2. Possibly. I posted these because I picked them up from the photographer on Saturday. There is anwhole series of them but they are just so expensive. These are 10x16" and in a small black frame. £170 each....

    They were taken in 2008 before Jane started her radiotherapy. We knew she would never look the same again afterwards so we had them done. But when it came to buying, we could onoy afford 1.... Now Jane is dead, I wanted a few more from the series.

  3. *gulp* That is way expensive. And I guess he owns the original. Bugger ...