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Goodbye spoon

27 August 2011

The spoon has been camping with us for 3 years. I remember we bought the red plastic disposable stuff because kept losing our proper knives & forks.

We poured boiling water in a mug and the spoon melted. Remember how we were in stitches?

The spoon broke today. It was never made to last, I know. But it is yet another part of our past I am going to have to let go of.

Tears. Over a plastic spoon.

It seems every day brings a new goodbye.


hodders said...

I can identify with tears over a red spoon, and so many other aspects of your blog. I too have recently lost a wife to cancer. I am a couple of months behind you; I had your blog bookmarked I think because it has mention of cancer, fencing and brain tumours.

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